The Triumph of St Perpetua 1928 Eric Gill 1882-1940 Bequeathed by Mrs E. West 1982

The strange religious images of the strange Eric Gill.

“‘Bath and slept with Gladys.’,  ‘Expt. (experiment) with dog in eve’ (the rest has been obliterated). Then, five days later, ‘Bath. Continued experiment with dog after and discovered that a dog will join with a man’”. Gladys was Eric’s sister. Such Gill family intimacies seem routine, a habit. The diaries of Eric Gill from November and December of 1929, the complete set of which were sold by Gills wife Mary to UCLA after his death.

The Martyrdom of St Saturus 1928. Eric Gill.


The Triumph of St Perpetua 1928. Eric Gill.


Daily Herald Order of Industrial Heroism 1923. Eric Gill.


Crucifix 1917. Eric Gill. 


Crucifix, Chalice & Host 1915. Eric Gill.


Stay Me with Apples 1925. Eric Gill.



The Harem 1925. Eric Gill.



Jesus Dies Upon the Cross. 1917 Eric Gill.



Adam & Eve in Heaven 1927. Eric Gill.



Madonna and Child 1919. Eric Gill.



Eve 1926. Eric Gill.



Our Lady of Lourdes 1920. Eric Gill.



Device: S. Thomas’s Hands 1926. Eric Gill.






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