Dope fiends busted. 1950s narcotics crime photography from the archives of L.A. Enquirer.

Marijuana plant in man’s backyard. Det. H.I.B. Warren, with 7-foot marijuana Robles was found growing in his backyard
at 1023 Mahar Avenue, Wilmington. 1952.
$100 A Day Dope Fiend, 24 August 1951. Lucy Rodriguez – 19 years.
Marijuana and Vice, 1951.
Narcotic smuggling into Van Nuys jail, 1951.
Shooting and narcotics arrest — Melrose and Decatur, 1951.
Mother gives narcotics to her child, 1951.
Mrs. Nell Irene Jenkins — 25 years (mother of Tommy Watson).
Narcotic sentence, 1953. Charlene Randall.
Dope suspect, 1951.
Narcotics arrest, 304 North Grand (sheriff’s), 1951.
Narcotics arrest (Central jail), 1953 Valerie Marino – 21 years.
Dope, April 17, 1951.
Donald Francis Pastoria (pharmacist’s mate, United States Navy).
Narcotics. 1958. June Simons.
Narcotisc suspects. Central station. $4,000 to $5,000 worth of heroin in front of them. 1952.
Narcotics arrest (Lincoln Heights jail), 1951. Jane Mendoza.
Narcotics suspects, 1953.
Suspected narcotic peddler, 1953.
Rudy Lopez, 23.
Court marijuana hearing, 5 November 1951.
Mrs. Dorothy Hodges (Defendant).
Drug addict, 17 January 1952. Mrs. Mary Alice Chavez – 26 years.
Narcotic suspect. 13- Suspect Seymour Goldstein with confiscated barbiturates. 1953.
Marijuana and Vice, 1951.
Narcotics arrest (Central jail), 1953.
Narcotics suspect (peddler), 1959. Lewis A. Honea.
Marijuana possession, 24 September 1951. Glenda Jo Banning (suspect).
Narcotics Arrest (East Los Angeles Sub-Station, West Los Angeles Sub-Station), 1951.
Narcotics sentencing, 1958. Jeanne Haddad in candy stripe blouse & friend Louis Fiano Friedman (with face covered).

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