If you could teach a drone how to paint and flew it over some beautiful American gardens in the 1930s, the results would look a lot like this.

Peter K. Knapp Estate (1936) by George Stonehill.

Resembling a kind of mid-1930s Google Earth painting, these landscaping surveys of expansive gardens within large American estates are by various designers and artists. They are held in the Index of American Design archives at the National Gallery of Art in Washington, DC.

Corlaer Estate and Garden (1936) by Meyer Goldbaum.
Nicholas Bayard Estate (1936) by Helen Miller.
M. Ward Estate (1936) by Helen Miller and William Merklin.
Peter K. Knapp Estate (1936) by George Stonehill.
Thomas C. Veitch Estate (1936) by Gilbert Sackerman, William Merklin and Helen Miller.
A. M. Ferris Estate (1936) by William Merklin.
Estate of Isaac P. Martin (1936) by Meyer Goldbaum and George Stonehill.
Frank Thompson Hilltop Estate (1936) by Gilbert Sackerman and George Stonehill.
J. Hopkins Estate (1936) by George Stonehill.

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