L’Estampe Moderne; the 1890s Parisian Art Nouveau “best of” album feat. various international artists. 4 lithographs every month. Just 3₣r 50c an issue.

Joueuses d’Osselets, Paul Alexandre Alfred Leroy, 1899

If you lived in France for the 2 years between 1897 & 1899, every month, for 3 francs and 50 centimes, you could pick up your monthly installment of L’Estampe Moderne  which would contain 4 original high quality lithographs. This monthly treat was printed and published by Imprimerie Champenois of Paris who commissioned the cream of the European Art Nouveau painting world to contribute. The aim was to promote the art and craft of printmaking. 

Dante Rencontre Béatrix,1899,
Henri Jean Guillaume Martin (French,1860-1943)
The Golden Legend (Legende Dorée) 1897,
Armand Point (French, 1861-1932)
La Femme au Perroquet, 1898,
Angelo Jank (German,-1868-1940)
LaChevelure, 1899,
Jules Léon Flandrin (French, 1871-1947)
Impéria, Date unknown,
Alfred-Pierre Agache (French, 1843-1915)
Les Cygnes, 1899,
Francis Jourdain (French, 1876-1958)
Brunnhild, 1899,
Gaston Bussiere (French, 1862-1929)
La Chevelure, 1899,
Jules Léon Flandrin (French, 1871-1947)
Jane, 1898,
Louis Rhead (American, 1857-1926)
La Ronde, 1899,
Henri Le Sidaner (French, 1862-1939)
In the Brambles,
1898, Henri Detouche (French, 1854-1913)
Under the Flowers (Sous les Fleurs),1
897, Edmond François Aman-Jean (French, 1858-1936)

Each richly lithographed print had a blind stamp or embossed device in the lower right corner, the imprint of a young woman’s profile. Incredibly cheap to buy in the late 1890s, today these prints are highly sought after prizes for art collectors.

Lutèce, 1898,
Adolphe Giraldon (French, 1855-1933)
The Park, 1897,
Gaston de Latenay (French, 1859-1943)
1898, Henri Bellery-Desfontaines (French, 1867-1910)
Cléo de Mérode, circa 1903,
Alfredo Müller (Italian, 1869-1940)

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