Variations on a theme : The Great Old Town Hall fire of 7 July 1852.

View of the Old Town Hall in Amsterdam.
Claes Jansz Visscher II, c. 1601 1612.

Dam Square, Amsterdam, Netherlands at 8.30 p.m on Sunday, 7th July 1652. The Old Town Hall is ablaze and the place will burn for 24 hours until Monday night. In the glow of the flames several artists of note gather to record the event for prosterity.

The Old Town Hall of Amsterdam,.
Pieter Jansz. Saenredam, 1657.
Departure of Maria de ‘Medici from Amsterdam. September 5, 1638,
Salomon Savery, after Jan Martszen de Jonge, 1638.
The Fire in the Old City Hall of Amsterdam, 1652,
Jan de Baen, 1652.
Fire in the old town hall in Amsterdam. Jan Abrahamsz.
Beerstraten (possibly), after Jan de Baen, c. 1652-1700.
De brand in het Oude Stadhuis van Amsterdam, 1652.
Jan van der Heyden (attributed to), after Jan van der Heyden, 1690.
The Ruins of the Old Town Hall of Amsterdam after the Fire of 7 July 1652,
Jan Abrahamsz. (possibly) Beerstraten, 1652 – 1666.
Ruin of the Burnt-Down Old City Hall of Amsterdam, 1652,
Arnold Colom, 1652

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