Around the world with the rare travel drawings by the American painter, Frederic Edwin Church (1826–1900). Found in the archives of the Huntington Library, San Marino, CA.

Autumn Foliage, 1867.
A Lizard, Jamaica. 1865.
View of (possibly) Beirut. Undated.


Drawing, Sunset over Hilltops, Jamaica, West Indies, Aug 1865.
The Pitajaya Fruit, Columbia, June 1853.
Autumn Landscape in New England;, Oct 1865.
Landscape with Sunset, 1866.
Landscape with Large Rock, possibly North Carolina, c.1880.
Bashan Fantasy, undated.
Study of Cotopaxi Erupting, Ecuador, 1853.
Al-Khazneh, Rock Tomb at Petra, Jordan, 1868
Landscape near Petra, Jordan, 1868.
Drawing, Mount Pentelicus, April 1869.
Cotopaxi Seen from Ambato, Ecuador, 1853
Study of Imaginary S. American Landscape, 1853-55.
Schoodic Penninsular from Mount Desert at Sunrise, 1850-55.
Landscape, Hudson Valley, July 1870.
Woodland stream in the Catskills, Sept 1848.
The Great Katahdin Basin, Maine, 1860-1870.
Iceberg Fantasy, 1859.
Floating Iceberg, July 1859.

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