The forgotten Finska Vyer birch bark album, by I.K Inha, 1892. Inside are raw natural landscape photographs of Finland. It won the 1st international photographic competion in Paris.

Into Konrad Inha (1865-1930)

This wonderful object, a photo album entitled, Finska Vyer (Finnish Views) was created by 2 men in 1892. The photographs inside were taken by Into Konrad Inha, a Finnish photographer, author, translator, and journalist.

It was Karl Emil Ståhlberg of Atellier Apollo, a photographic studio in Helsinki who bound Inha’s prints in their birch bark covers containing Inha’s prints. Finska Vyer won first prize at the first international photographic exhibition in Paris in 1892.

In time, Inha became known as ”the national photographer” of Finland, revered for his documentation of Finnish folk tradition, old habits and customs, agriculture and landscapes. and of Finnish modernisation in the early 20th century. He was an avid cyclist and the first person to import bycycles into Finland. The Finnish word for bicycle (polkupyörä) is thought to have been coined by Inha.

Pyhätunturi. From Vuostimovaara. I.K. Inha.
Slashing-and-burning in Eno. I.K. Inha.
Pielisjärvi. Paha Koli. I.K. Inha.
Imatra. I.K. Inha.
Kuopio. Luivonsaari. I.K. Inha.
Imatra. I.K. Inha.
Eno. Suppuravaara. I.K. Inha.
Pielavesi. Tuovilanlahti. I.K. Inha.
Sortavala. Haavuksen saari. I.K. Inha.
Muros. Heikura stand. I.K. Inha.
Saima canal. Märliä’s lock. I.K. Inha.

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