Artist retreived from the Smithsonian “Miscellaneous Box” No. 3 : Walt Kuhn.

Crop from original photograph “Ibram Lasser at work in his studio at Duke University 1966.”. From the “Miscellaneous photographs circa 1845-1980” collection at the Smithsonian archive.
Reverse of print. From the Miscellaneous photographs circa 1845-1980″ collection at the Smithsonian archive.

The next photograph out of the Smithsonian’s box of American art flotsom contains Walt Kuhn and Walt Kuhn turns out to be absolute gold.

The art behind the face in another photo from the Miscellaneous Box . Photo No. 3. :

Clown with Red Wig, Walt kuhn. 1931.
Girl with turban (Zuleika), Walt Kuhn. 1938.
Plumes,Walt Kuhn. 1931.
Google Arts & Culture
Chorus Captain,Walt Kuhn. 1935.
Yale University Art Gallery
American Beauty,Walt Kuhn. 1934.
Google Arts & Culture
Athelete in Whiteface, Walt Kuhn. 1934.
Chico in Top Hat,Walt Kuhn. 1948.
El Museo Nacional Thyssen-Bornemisza
Grenadier, Walt Kuhn. 1930.
Golden and Blue Bolero, Walt Kuhn. 1946.
Clown in His Dressing Room, Walt Kuhn.1943.
Acrobat in White and Blue, Walt Kuhn. 1947.
Clown with Folded Arms,Walt Kuhn. 1944.
El Museo Nacional Thyssen-Bornemisza
Clown against Red,Walt Kuhn. c. 1940s.
Lady in robe,Walt Kuhn. 1934.

Smithsonian “Miscellaneous Box” No.1 : Ibram Lassar.

Smithsonian “Miscellaneous Box” No.2 : Randall Davey.

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