Self professed “creator of the pin-up” & he man who supplied Paris with Art Deco eye candy in the wake of WW1 – Jean-Gabriel Domergue also painted fabulous nudes.

Unitiled & date unknown.
Jean-Gabriel on the job in his Paris atelier.

The French painter, Jean-Gabriel Domergue wasn’t simply, as he claims “the creator of the pin-up.”

As well as redefining the look and attitude of a new, liberated “la belle Parisienne”, in the aftermath of The Great War, the ridiculously prolific artist also found time to design for fashion houses, organise huge gala events for the Parisienne elite and curate exhibitions at the Jacquemart-André Museum in Paris for the likes of Van Gogh, da Vinci, Seurat, Toulouse-Lautrec and Goya. 

When he could fit it in he painted nudes.

Of course he did.

Many, many nudes.

And of course, being Jean-Gabriel Domergue, just like his “pin ups”, his nudes are unique.

A marriage between Toulouse-Lautrec & Barbie & these are the love children.

Elegant nude, unknown date.

La blonde, unknown date.

Farniente. Pink. c. 1930-1955.

“At 15, we want to please; at 20, one must please; at 40, you can please; but it is only at 30 that we know how to please.”

Jean-Gabriel Domergue.
Rita. Pink. c. 1930-1955.

The Topless Model. Pink. c. 1930-1955.
Nude study. unknown date.

Sunbathing. Pink. c. 1940-1955.

Nude, c. 1940-1955.

Reclining nude. Pink. c. 1920-1930.
Pink. c. 1930-1955.\

Pink. c. 1940-1955.

Unitiled. c. 1940-1955.
C. on the grass. c. 1930-1955.

Untitled, c. 1940-50

Nude on the Sofa, date unknown.

Bathers, c.1930-1955.
Pamela, c. 1930-50
Nadine in the garden, c. 1930-50

Awakening, unknown date.

Music Hall Girl, date unknown.

Nude study, date unknown.

Nude study, date unknown.
Gina, bust, c. 1930-1955.

Lying Nude, c. 1930-1955.

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