A menagerie of 19th & early 20th century photographs from the Archives of Amsterdam’s Royal Zoological Society Natura Artis Magistra.

Huldepoort on the Plantage Middenlaan. 1800s.
Stuffed head of markhorn or screw horn goat. Capra Nega Ceros. c late 1800s.
Fennex fox. c. late 1800s.
Chimpanzee at Artis, Plantage Kerklaan 40. c. 1900.
Picture postcard (New Year’s greeting)
addressed to a Dr. Kerbert with an image of ‘Peter,’
an Orang Utan from Dresden. 1904.
Artis souvenir picture postcard. Young gorilla.
Taxidermy diorama with hunting dogs taking down a deer. Undated.
Artis taxidermist,J.E. Rombouts (1843-1913) at work. Undated.
Zebra with rider in Indonesia. Photographer,Carl Hagenbeck. Undated.
Mother zebra suckling her daughter. Artis, 1892.
Quagga. Description: Zebraoid or zebra-like. The last known living specimen.
“While this one was walking around in Artis (1867-1883) the other quaggas in South Africa were captured or shot”.
c. 1896-1900.
Artis food preparation. Early 1900s.
Artis food preparation. Early 1900s.
Artis meat stocks. Early 1900s.
Bird of prey. 1933.
Bucket of eggs. Undated.
Javanese fishing owl. 1946.
Pelican enclosure. c. late 1800s.
Watercolor of the young hippo Herman jr. In Artis, possibly by Heinrich Leutemann or FW Zürcher. 1865.
Natura Artis Magistra. Collective print with 9 images of buildings in Artis. Technicolor lithograph. 1870.
Malaysian Tapir. Souvenir picture postcard. 1890-1900.
Anonymous drawing of lioness and 2 cubs at Dresden Zoo. Dated January 1865.
Linon in a cage. Souvenir picture postcardElberfeld Zoological Gardens. 1899.
Bison. Undated.
Musk ox. c. late 1800s.
Bison. Undated.
Young bison. Photograph :C.J. Steenbergh (1859-1939).
Bison. Undated.
Giant Carp. Artis aquarium. Undated.
Giant Salamander and eggs.Artis aquarium. Undated.
Sturgeons and Pike.Artis aquarium. Undated.
Sea anemones.Artis aquarium. Undated.
Artis, ibex rock. c. 1940s.
Artis, mountain animal rock under construction. 1941.
Artis, monkey rock. Photograph: Alfred Blok. c 1940s.

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