The Echinodermata of New Zealand’s Te Papa Tongarewa.

Digital imagery created using Echinodermata specimens collected by scientists on the Australian & New Zealand coastline between 1963 & 1973.

Archive Echinodermata objects courtesy Museum of New Zealand Te Papa Tongarewa collection.

Diadema palmeri Baker, 1967.
Collected on 6 October 1965 on Poor Knights Islands, New Zealand.
Goniocidaris corona Baker, 1968.
Collected on 7 January 1967 at Northland, Cape Brett, Piercy Island, New Zealand.
Spatangus thor Fell, 1963. [= syn. of Spatangus luetkeni A. Agassiz, 1872].
Collected at western oyster beds, Foveaux Strait, New Zealand.
Astrodendrum elingamita Baker, 1974.
Collected on 23 January 1963, Three Kings Islands, New Zealand.
Holopneustes inflatus (Agassiz, 1872). Collected at unknown date/location, New Zealand.
Diadema palmeri Baker, 1967.
Collected on 6 October 1965 at Poor Knights Islands, New Zealand.
Eupatagus flindersi Baker & Rowe, 1990. Collected on 17 December 1971 at the south of Goat Island, Australia.
Micropyga tuberculata A. Agassiz, 1879.
Collected on 3 April 1973 at Raoul Island, NNE of Nugent Island, New Zealand.

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