THE PHOTOCHROM GUIDE TO : American Indians. c. 1897-1899. Mexico, Arizona & New Mexico.

A Crow Indian. c.1902.

Invented 140 years ago in 1880s Zurich, Photochrom, a.k.a. Fotochrom, Photochrome or Aäc process, is an old school process for colourizing black-and-white negatives via the direct photographic transfer of a negative onto lithographic printing plates. The process is a photographic variant of chromolithography (color lithography).

Creatively choosing colour & then using a mechanical process to apply that colour to a black & white photo rather than doing it by hand. 

Colouring-in a monotone world.

The printer is the Detroit Publishing Co. of Michigan, Foreign Section and the photographer, (for the majority of these) was William Henry Jackson.

A Moki Indian Potter. c.1899.
Apache Chief Garfield wearing medal of President James A. Garfield. ca. 1897. William Henry Jackson.
Equai and Papoose. Ojibwas tribe. c.1903.
William Henry Jackson.
An ‘Estufa’. Los Pueblos de Taos. New Mexico. c. 1897.
Gold’s Curio Store, Santa Fe, New Mexico. ca. 1897.
Patient Toil, Moki Pueblos, Arizona. c. 1897.
Women at the Matate, Moki Pueblos.
New Mexico. ca. 1897.
Los Pueblos de Taos. New Mexico. c. 1897.
Pedro. A Ute Brave. c.1900. William Henry Jackson.
Oraibi, Arizona. Thanksgiving Dance. c.1899
A pulque shop, Tacubaya, Mexico. c.1884-1900. William Henry Jackson.
Obtossaway, Chief of the Ojibwas. c.1903.  
William Henry Jackson.
Ojibwas Aleck Waunosa. c.1903.
William Henry Jackson.
Going to the spring, Pueblo of San Juan, New Mexico. c.1897.
Taqui, A Moki Snake Priest. c.1902. Photographer:  William Henry Jackson.
Los Pueblos de Taos. New Mexico. c. 1897.
Jose Jesus and his wife. c.1899. Photographer:  William Henry Jackson.
Acoma. New Mexico. c. 1897.
Arrowmaker, An Ojibwa Brave. c.1903. Photographer:  William Henry Jackson.
New Mexico. The Rain Dance. Zuni Pueblo. c. 1899.
Ojibwas Aleck Waunosa. c.1903. Photographer:  William Henry Jackson.
Los Pueblos de Taos. New Mexico. c. 1897.
Apache Chiefs Garfield, Ouche-te Foya and Sanches. c.1899. Photographer:  William Henry Jackson.
Mexico, portales of market, Aguas Calientes. c. 1884-1900. Photographer:  William Henry Jackson.
Utes. Agroup of children. c.1899.
Lavanderas, City of Mexico. c. 1884. William Henry Jackson.

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