OBSCURE EDITORIAL AESTHETICS : Kickass 1920s illustrations from the left wing, anti-nazi, anti corruption & anti-war German satirical magazine, Lachen Links.

The first issue of the German satirical magazine, Lachen Links (Laughter Left) was published on January 11, 1924. “Ridiculousness kills” was its’s motto. The name, Laughter Left refers to German parliamentary parlance – the laughing at an opponent on the other side of the political spectrum was referred to as to “laugh left” or “laugh right’. Laughter Left was clear where it stood. The magazine “laughed left”.

The magazine is an impressive testimony to wit and satire as a powerful protest weapon in the heated German political debate during the 1920s. Abuses – especially in the judiciary – were denounced and militarist and rising fascist (nazi) currents were attacked in the social democratic newspaper.

The illustrations in Laughter Left were amongst the best, if not the best, to come out of the 1920s German satirical journals. They rank alongside those in Der Wahre Jacob, Der Affenspiegel and ULK.

The numbers usually appeared in two colors, the second color changed from number to number. Only a few special issues appeared in multiple colors. In 1925 the price was reduced from 25 to 20 pfennigs per issue, meaning the paper could call itself “the cheapest joke paper in Germany”.

In June 1927, Lachen left ceased appearing.

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