Eye candy. You’ve probably never seen the best selling art print of the 20th century let along heard of the man who painted it. Maxfield Parrish created worlds that people love to look at.

Maxfield Parrish was an insanely prolific and popular American painter and illustrator working in the first half of the 20th century. Famous in his day for his almost psychedelically saturated hues and idealized neo-classical imagery, his career spanned fifty years. His painting Daybreak (1922) is the most popular art print of the 20th century, closely followed by the incredible eye candy of Good Fishing (1945).

Born in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, his father was the painter and etcher Stephen Parrish. His given name was Frederick Parrish, but he later took Maxfield, his paternal grandmother’s maiden name, as his middle, then finally as his professional name.

Parrish’s work helped shape the Golden Age of illustration and American visual arts. Over his lifetime he produced almost 900 pieces of art including calendars, greeting cards, and magazine covers. His work featured in Harper’s Bazaar and Scribner’s Magazine. His unique aesthetic brings to mind 1970s prog rock album covers and fantasy games, ahead of its time whilst being totally of it.

Daybreak (1922). The best selling popular art print of the 20th century.

And when they had ascended that mountain they saw a city than which eyes had not beheld any greater (1909).

Good Fishing, 1945.

The Oaks (1904).

The valley of diamonds.(1907).

Jason and His Teacher (1909).

Romance; Aucassin Seeks For Nicolette (1903).

Dies Irae. (1906).

Sleeping beauty in the wood (1912).

Bellerophon at the Fountain of Pirene (1910).

Cleopatra (1917).

Cadmus sowing the dragon’s teeth (1910).

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