Creamy, dreamy, wild, precise and over 150 years old. Beautifully fading watercolours c. 1827-1847, by Johann Nepomuk Rauch.

There’s scant biographical information on Johann Nepomuk Rauch (1804-1847). He was born in Vienna, Austria, studied at the Vienna Academy and lived in Florence between 1829 and 1831. He then spent about a decade in Moscow. There he lived on commissions for watercolors and paintings, among his patrons were Prince Golitsyn and Count Panin. From 1841 he lived in Rome. That’s it.

Johann Nepomuk Rauch. View from Rosenlaui to the Wetterhorn and the Eiger (1840)
Johann Nepomuk Rauch. Süditalienische Felsenküste (ca. 1841 – 1847)
Johann Nepomuk Rauch. Berglandschaft in Oberitalien (ca. 1829 – 1831)
Johann Nepomuk Rauch. Via Sistina Elmo (ca. 1841 – 1847)
Johann Nepomuk Rauch. Ansicht von Florenz vom Monte Oliveto (1830)
Johann Nepomuk Rauch. Molo di Gaeta (ca. 1841 – 1847)
Johann Nepomuk Rauch. La Marina grande del Vico (1841)

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