Der Orchideengarten. Germany, 1919. The world’s first fantasy magazine.

Front covers from the Austrian magazine Der Orchideengarten – The Orchid Garden – which preceded the American magazine Weird Tales by four years, making it the world’s first fantasy magazine.

From “The Black Mirror and Other Stories: An Anthology of Science Fiction from Germany and Austria”, by Franz Rottensteiner :

“…there was the obscure and now rather rare German magazine, Der Orchideengarten, which flourished for only three years, from 1919 till 1921. This large-format magazine (similar to the pulp ‘bedsheet’) must surely rank as one of the most beautiful fantasy magazines ever published. Its 51 issues…featured an impressive gallery of fantastic art, ranging from reproductions of medieval woodcuts, and the work of established masters of macabre drawing…Although two issues of Der Orchideengarten were devoted to detective stories, and one to erotic stories about cuckolds, it was a genuine fantasy magazine.”

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