Untitled, unknown and difficult to unsee. An obscure, lost oil/photo collage triptych by that endlessly elusive master of mystery, Anonymous. Circa 1900-1950.

Behold! Three strangely cinematic panorama/portraits found hiding in Amsterdam. In the archives of theRjiksmusem. No one knows who created them. Or more importantly, why they made them and what they mean.

And what the fuck do they mean? What was our anonymous (he/she) thinking?

That is now the point. Their point. Their sole surviving reason to exist. To ask questions of those people that see them.

People like you.

Perhaps they are a mother, a father and their son, the soldier? In any case, they’re all dead now and this is their heaven. Or hell. Whatever. It’s up to you now. The cutout characters look out at us quizically from the (naive?) dreamscapes they inhabit. Real people trapped, lost for eternity in awkward naive fantasy.

These wonderfully mysterious oil paint and photograph collages present us with, if not an eclectic masterpeice, certainly a triumphantly eneasy triptych that, once seen, is very difficult to unsee.

Portrait of an unknown man in a painted landscape, anonymous, 1910 – 1950. Collage.
Portrait of an unknown woman in a painted landscape, anonymous, 1910 – 1950.
Portrait of an unknown soldier in a painted landscape, anonymous, 1910 – 1950.

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