1877. Zoological wallcharts by Hinrich Nitsche, the German Zoologist who spotted a microscopic invertibrate’s anus and had a vemonous African snake named after him.

A freshwater Bryozoa, showing off it’s anuses
in The Netherlands. Wikipedia.
FemaleNitsche’s Bush Viper, Atheris nitschei.
Transactions of the Zoological Society of London Volume XIX Part 3. 1909.Wikipedia.
Hinrich Nitsche (1845-1902). German Zoologist.

Hinrich Nitsche is famous for spotting a microscopic anus.

The German Zoologist worked out that there were 2 types of a minuscule, 5mm long invertebrate phylum called Bryzoa. These teeny critters have a “crown” of tentacles they use for feeding. Under his microscope, Nitsche saw that some had their so very tiny anus inside their tentacle crowns (Endoprocta) and some had their anuses outside. He called the ones with their bottoms on display, Ectoprocta.

He discovered and defined not one, but two groups of Bryzoa.

Thus, the term “Ectoprocta” (literally “anus out”) is now forever associated with Hinrich Nitsche.

He also has a highly venomous African snake, Nitsche’s Bush Viper (Atheris nitschei), named in honour of him & his achievement.

So : Anus out + Venomous snake = Hinrich Nitsche.

Nitsche should perhaps be better known for collaborating with fellow German Zoologist, Rudolf Leuckart on these Zoological Wall Charts. He conceived and drew many of these also co-authoring Erklärungen zu den Zoologischen Wandtafeln, a teachers textbook with detailed explanations intended written in German, English and French. Both the wallcharts and the textbooks were published in 1877.

Molluska. Gastropoda. Opisthobranchiata.Nitsche &Leuckart. c. 1877.
Echinodermata. Crinoid. Brachiata. Nitsche &Leuckart. c. 1877.
Arthropoda. Arachnoidea. Acorpionida. Chernetida. Cyphophthalmida.Nitsche &Leuckart. c. 1877.
Arthropoda. Arachnoidea. Araneida.Nitsche &Leuckart. c. 1877.
Arthropoda. Crustacea. Arthrostraca (II).Nitsche &Leuckart. c. 1877.
Arthropoda. Crustacea. Copepoda.Nitsche &Leuckart. c. 1877.
Arthropoda. Myriopoda. Diplopoda, Onychophora.Nitsche &Leuckart. c. 1877.
Arthropoda. Insecta. Rhynchota.Nitsche &Leuckart. c. 1877.
Echinodermata. Crinoidea. Brachiata.Nitsche &Leuckart. c. 1877.
Arthropoda. Jnsecta. Lepidoptera.Nitsche &Leuckart. c. 1877.
Vermes. Annelides. Oligochaeta.Nitsche &Leuckart. c. 1877.
Arthropoda. Jnsecta. Orthoptera. II. Nitsche &Leuckart. c. 1877.
Arthropoda. Myriopoda. Chilopoda, Symphyla, Pauropoda.Nitsche &Leuckart. c. 1877.
Vermes. Bryozoa. Entoprocta. Ectoprocta.Nitsche &Leuckart. c. 1877.
Vermes. Nemathelminthes. Nematodes.Nitsche &Leuckart. c. 1877.
Vermes. Platodes. Nemertinea.Nitsche &Leuckart. c. 1877.
Vermes. Platodes. Turbellaria.Nitsche &Leuckart. c. 1877.

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