Anonimo. Part Number 2 : In which we see a colour curated (red & blue) cornocopia of microscopic & Miro-esque microcosms by our unsung artistic epistle of Zoology.

The nameless Italian artist who’ll now & forever be known, by so very few, as Anonimo.


Brand new Anonimo wallcharts would have been printed on pristene white paper. Unfortunately we’re unable to see an Anonimo hot off the press and are left with the matured versions that survive in the depths of a Biology library in Padua, Italy. Wallcharts were often varnished, resulting in them taking on a variety of wonderful yellow & gold-ish tones complete with, mottling, age spots, sellotape repairs, dried out water damage and the punch holes used to fix each chart to the rod it once hung from in Zoology lectures.

Antonimo. Part Number One : In which our unknown Zoology artist manifests his peculiar & nebulous turn of the century alternative universe.

Antonimo. Part Number 3 : In which a quantity of small living beings were dissected 100 years ago, their intimate inner workings being displayed today for your information & edification.

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