Antonimo. Part Number 3 : In which a quantity of small living beings were dissected 100 years ago, their intimate inner workings being displayed today for your information & edification.

One thing’s for sure. Many small animals died in the making of this work and our anonomous Zoology wallchart artist gave each and every corpse the minutest inspection possible.

Imagine if you will, the sterile old school in the Institute of Zoology and Comparative Anatomy. Can you see Anonimo, his scalpel in hand, stooping over a gory mess of dissected gizzards, rummaging, sorting, searching, finding his own kind of order and beauty?

You’ll never fully see him. But we do have a vision of something infinitely better. What you can see is the world he saw. It’s the only thing about him we’ll ever know.

Anonimo. Part Number 1 : In which our unknown Zoology artist manifests his peculiar, precise yet nebulous turn of the century alternative universe.

Anonimo. Part Number 2 : In which we see a colour curated (red & blue) cornocopia of microscopic & Miro-esque microcosms by our unsung artistic epistle of Zoology

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