Anonimo. Part Number 1 : In which our unknown Zoology artist manifests his peculiar, precise yet nebulous turn of the century alternative universe.

Anonimo. These proto-Simpsons cartoon-like Zoology teaching aid illustrations were made in the late 1800s -early 1900s, by an artist who is Anonimo (Italian for anonymous) in Padua, Italy. This Anonimo artiste was, and is an inadvertent genius. Beyond providing crystal clear scientific clarity for students, his art (and is is art) still stands up to contemporary eyes as powerful, thought provoking graphic art. Retrospectively whimsical, and oozing personality, Anonimo’s imagery is abstract & yet disarmingly grounded in reality. This forever unknown artist’s work is designed to awaken the curiosity chambers of any human’s nature, to fire & inspire wonder and imagination.

Anonimo ” worked for the Institute of Zoology and Comparative Anatomy of Padua in the late 1800s and early 1900s and his work remains there today, some 90+ large scale wallcharts, stored, underloved and aging wonderfully in the Biological-medical library, over a century after their creation.

One imagines generations of Italian Zoological scientists who, when they think of Protasoa, the internal organs of a starfish or the nervous system of a scorpion,, etc., would journey back to the unforgettable alternative universe Anonimo ushered them into as young students.

Anonimo. Part number 2 : In which we see a colour curated (red & blue) cornocopia of microscopic & Miro-esque microcosms by our unsung artistic epistle of Zoology.

Anonimo. Part Number 3 : In which a quantity of small living beings are discected and their intimate inner workings are displayed for your information & edification.


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